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We ask you to join us in supporting these awesome local establishments who share our passion for great food, excellent service and top-notch live music! They keep local rock music alive, and they also keep .45 and a Fifth in regular rotation - so check their live music schedules - and we'll see YOU at the next show!!

Tom's Place

461 Old Mill Pl

Cartersville, Georgia 30120

(770) 386-7755


Tom's Place is a casual restaurant and bar, and a local institution in Cartersville. The eatery offers a variety of lunch and dinner options, including soups, burgers, chicken fingers and fries. The bar features a wide selection of beer and liquor, as well as a dance floor, karaoke nights and did we mention: live music? If you like a fun crowd, let it all hang out at Tom's!

Sixes Tavern of

650 Henderson Drive #507

Cartersville, Georgia 30120

(770) 334-8998


Hugh stage with lights and effects giving the best place for bands to perform and give the audience an experience. Together with great make-from-scratch food and over 100 drink choices.

2nd Half Sports
Pub & Grill

25 Carson Loop NW

Cartersville, Georgia 30121

(770) 606-8121


A.K.A. Ed's Place is a small treasure in north Cartersville, GA. Good food and great time for all as there is a huge outside covered deck where live bands play, karaoke, bike nights and other events.

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