HIGH POWER Classic Rock

The original band formed in 2013 infused by Southern Rock, Blues and Classic Rock.  Today we have a great rock group with roots formed in the 70's and 80's playing all your favorite rock tunes with a few extras and twist. Playing great songs from groups like Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, The Black Crowes, 38 Special, Van Halen, Golden Earring, Chris Isaac, Drivin' And Cryin', AC/DC, Joe Satriani and many more. Made up of decades of experience with David "Wolfe" Farkas, Lead Vocals, Jeff Sprayberry, Guitar/Vocals, Tim Maeger, Guitar/Vocals and the rhythm section of Jimmy Traylor, Bass/Vocals and Mike Annis, Drums.


David "Wolfe" Farkas, Lead Vocals

Lead singer in over a dozen bands in the past twenty-five years.  Influenced by Robert Plant, Chris Cornell, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Scott, David Lee Roth, Scott Weiland, David Coverdale, Jim Morrison, and Geoff Tate.  David started out playing biker bars in Northeastern Ohio, then migrated south and spent most of his life in Georgia.  He married a southern girl, officially making him a Damn Yankee.  David has two daughters who he says "are working hard to collect on his Karma debt". He is very thankful to be still able to physically and mentally put on a show, when so many of his comrades have dropped out of the rock business over the years.  Helping people unwind and having a great time they have trouble remembering is his greatest pleasure.

Jeff Sprayberry, Guitar/Vocals

Information forth coming.


Tim Maeger, Guitar/Vocals

I have my Father & Grandmother to thank for my interest in music. Growing up in Ga, I had many different influences, from Blue Grass Country, Then there was Rock n Roll, I was hooked. Led Zeppelin, Stones, ZZ Top, Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, Aerosmith, the list goes on & on. Music has always been a big part of my life & I truly enjoy it. I've been lucky & have played with some really good guy's & Bands, Final Notice, OverBoard, Double Engine, Unorganized Religion, Now with 45 and a Fifth, Theses guys are awesome & love this Band.

Jimmy Traylor, Bass/Vocals

Born and raised in Douglas County Georgia - Jimmy, like a lot of musicians loved music growing up, went through school listening to Southern Rock such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackfoot, Molly Hatchet and his favorite ZZ Top. He picked up a guitar one day while in high school and had a garage band with some other friends, but never went too far (sounds like a song).  His girlfriend at the time gave him her father's bass, which he still has to this day. Then Jimmy discovered a career and family, and for 25 years music went to the back of his priority list. One day his oldest son found his old guitars, and that started him back on the path, and he has been on it ever since.  Jimmy now says "I wish I had never left it".  He joined a friend who needed a bass player for his band, and was reunited with an old, lost love. "Like riding a bike, you don't forget but get rusty", Jimmy has been in some local area bands like Generations Apart, Twilight Masquerade, 11th Night and .45 and a Fifth. He loves the sound and tone that only a bass can deliver, and also loves playing any type of music - and his eyes are wide open for keeping strong and moving forward.

Mike Annis, Drums

Mike grew up in Upstate NY and banged on pots/pans/desktops – just about anything until he got his first set of drums.  Mike started playing in a band when he was 12.  Mike has been influenced by the Doors, Cream, Led Zeppelin, and other great rock bands of the 60’s & 70’s.  He played in multiple bands around NY – everything from Rock, Country, Jazz, and Blues, and even did some Swing to make a few bucks.  Mike gave up music for work and a real income for 25 years.  Mike moved to the Atlanta area in 2001 and came back to playing a few years ago – he still has the love and the fire – still wants to learn, grow, and rock on as long as he can.


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